Protozoological Society affiliated with Russian Academy of Sciences

Protozoological Society affiliated with Russian Academy of Sciences (PS RAS) was organized in January 1968 in Leningrad (now St. Petersburg) as the Soviet Union Society of Protozoologists (SUSP). Since 1992, PS RAS was officially recognized as the successor of the SUSP. At the present time, the PS RAS unites 2 regional branches with over 80 members.

President Sergey O. Skarlato, Ph.D., D.Sc.

Address of the PS RAS:
Protozoological Society affiliated with RAS,
Laboratory of Cytology of Unicellular Organisms (LCUO),
Institute of Cytology RAS, Tikhoretsky Ave., 4, 194064 St. Petersburg, RUSSIA.
Phone: +7 (812) 297-18-36; +7 (812) 297-44-96
Fax: +7 (812) 297-03-41

Y. I. Poljansky

PROTOZOOLOGY (or wider PROTISTOLOGY) is a branch of biological science dealing primarily with unicellular eukaryotic organisms. Protozoology is bordering the majority of other branches of biology, such as cell and molecular biology, general zoology, botany, genetics, parasitology, being tightly associated with ecology, hydrobiology, soil-science, etc.

The main aim of the Protozoological Society affiliated with RAS is to unite and consolidate people with common interests all over Russia and let them meet eventually face-to-face, rather than stay as "cozy little groups" within the frames of their separate localities. PS RAS establishes scientific contacts and maintains friendly relations with other scientific communities, or societies, in their respective countries including International Society of Protistololgists and Federation of European Protistological Societies.

The first President of the Soviet Union Society of Protozoologists (and later of the Protozoological Society affiliated with RAS) was an outstanding world-known protozoologist, parasitologist, cell biologist, a man of versatile biological knowledge, Corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences, Professor, D.Sc. in Biology, George (Yuri) I. Poljansky (1904-1993).

His successor and the second President of the Society was another outstanding protozoologist, cytologist and karyologist, Professor, D.Sc. in Biology Igor B. Raikov (1932-1998). Since 1975 and up to her death in 2006, Secretary General of the Society was Professor, D.Sc. Tamara V. Beyer.

In 1999, the PS RAS has established an International Journal "Protistology" (ISSN 1680-0826)

 In Affiliation with Protozoological Society RAS, Institute of Cytology RAS,
and Penza State University

Protistology is one of the five "organism-oriented" journals for researchers of protistan material. The Journal publishes manuscripts on the whole spectrum of lower Eukaryote cells including protozoans, lower algae and lower fungi. Protistology publishes original papers (experimental and theoretical contributions), full-size reviews, short topical reviews (which are supposed to be somewhat "provocative" r setting up new hypotheses), rapid short communications, book reviews, symposia materials, historical materials, obituary notices on famous scientists, letters to the Editor, comments on and replies to published papers. Chronicles will present information about past and future scientific meetings, conferences, etc.

Soviet Union Society of Protozoologists organized the III International Congress of Protozoology (Leningrad, 1969).

PS RAS organized the V European Congress of Protistology and the XI European Conference on Ciliate Biology in St. Petersburg
(July 23-27, 2007). 314 participants from 24 countries took part in this International Scientific Forum.

XI European Conference on Ciliate Biology

July 2327, 2007
St. Petersburg, Russia

ABSTRACTS of the Congress were published in SPECIAL ISSUE
of the International Journal PROTISTOLOGY.


S.O. SKARLATO, St.Petersburg

S.I. FOKIN, St.Petersburg
A.O. FROLOV, St.Petersburg
S.A. KARPOV, St.Petersburg

I.V. TELESH, St.Petersburg
E.V. SABANEYEVA, St.Petersburg

A.V. GOODKOV, St.Petersburg
S.A. KARPOV, St.Petersburg

A.F. ALIMOV, St.Petersburg
N.A. BELOZERSKAYA, St.Petersburg
T.V. BEYER, St.Petersburg
Y.V. GAMALEI, St.Petersburg
I.A. GORLINSKY, St.Petersburg
A.I. GRANOVITCH, St.Petersburg
S.G. INGE-VECHTOMOV, St.Petersburg
I.V. ISSI, St.Petersburg
A.D. KHARAZOVA, St.Petersburg
A.E. KHOVANSKIKH, St.Petersburg
Z.I. KRUTETSKAYA, St.Petersburg
M.V. KRYLOV, St.Petersburg
N.A. MIKHAILOVA, St.Petersburg
E.S. NASSONOVA, St.Petersburg
N.N. NIKOLSKY, St.Petersburg
D.V. OSSIPOV, St.Petersburg
V.N. PARFENOV, St.Petersburg
O.N. PUGACHEV, St.Petersburg
M.S. RAUTIAN, St.Petersburg
L.N. SERAVIN, St.Petersburg
I.N. SKOVORODKIN, St.Petersburg
A.V. SMIRNOV, St.Petersburg
Y.Y. SOKOLOVA, St.Petersburg
V.L. SVIDERSKY, St.Petersburg
N.V. TOMILIN, St.Petersburg
A.L. YUDIN, St.Petersburg


  • Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Department of Biological Sciences
  • St. Petersburg State University
  • St. Petersburg Scientific Center RAS
  • Institute of Cytology RAS
  • Zoological Institute RAS
  • Biological Research Institute of St. Petersburg State University
  • Komarov Botanical Institute RAS
  • Sechenov Institute of Evolutionary Physiology and Biochemistry RAS
  • Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia
  • Protozoological Society affiliated with RAS
  • Russian Hydrobiological Academic Society
  • Scientific Council on Cell Biology and Immunology RAS
  • Federation of European Protistological Societies


  • Government of Saint Petersburg supports the Congress by a special grant
  • Russian Foundation for Basic Research provides grant No 07-04-06047
  • Saint Petersburg Scientific Center RAS gives special grant for the Congress organization
  • Institute of Cytology RAS provides in part financial support for the professional secretariat of the Congress
  • Saint Petersburg State University and Zoological Institute RAS provide the venue facilities for the Congress
  • Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia provides in part financial support for the publication of special volume of the International Journal "PROTISTOLOGY" (St. Petersburg) with the Congress abstracts
  • Russian Hydrobiological Academic Society supports the session "Biodiversity, biogeography and ecology of aquatic and soil protists"
  • The Second United Workshop on Microsporidia from Invertebrate and Vertebrate Hosts is supported by a grant (R13 AI07429001) from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, National Institutes of Health of the United States of America
  • "Carl Zeiss" supports the management team of the Congress
  • "Leica Microsystems" provides financial support for the young scientists and plenary lecturers


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    Sergey O. Skarlato is a member of the International Commission on Protozoology

    Several members of PS RAS are members of Editorial Boards or Boards of Reviewers of the International Protistological Journals: Acta Protozoologica, European Journal of Protistology, Protistology.


    Skarlato S.O. 1999. Yuri Ivanovich Poljansky and Russian Protozoology. Tsitologiya. 41: 742-744.

    Skarlato S.O. 1999. Protozoology in St. Petersburg. In: Petersburg Academy of Science among the other Academies of the World. To 275-years of Foundation of Academy of Science. St. Petersburg 1: 267-274.

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