Group of Flow Cytometry and Sorting
    Head of the Group

    Valery V. ZENIN


Staff: two Ph.D. researchers

The Group was founded in 1989 within the Federal Scientific Technical Program "Human Genome" to solve problem of massive isolation of human chromosomes for the subsequent gene and DNA fragments mapping. At present the Group members are involved in works supported by grants of RFBR, Leading Scientific Schools' and Federal Programs. These works includes not only cell cycle analysis but also detection surface and intracellular antigens on different cell models (embryonic stem cells, stable cell lines, blood cells). The studies are carried out on flow cytofluorimeter EPIX XL (Backman Coulter). The group members undertakes efforts to develop protocols which allow widening the spectrum of research problems that can be solved by cytofluorimetric approach. For example, the device was adjusted for analysis of mitotic human chromosomes, for estimation of cells' growth characteristics.
Group members have an experience of work in forein labs. They also collaborate with other biological and medical institutions.

Main publications 2000-2010

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