Confocal Microscopy and Image Analysis Group
Head of the Group

Grigory I. STEIN

Leading Scientist, Ph.D.

phone: (812) 297-13-13

The Group was organized in 2002 to investigate scientific and methodological problems of confocal microscopy and image analysis, also to help researchers of Institute in their microscopic studies. Now the Group has laser scanning confocal microscopes OlLYMPUS FV3000, LEICA TCS SP5, fluorescent microscopes AXIOVERT 200M, AXIOPHOT and AXIOSKOP with digital videosystems.

M.L. Vorobjev

Scientific Staff:

S.V. Zherebtsov, Junior Research Scientist, Ph.D.

M.L. Vorobjev, Leading Engineer

Comparative features of laser scanning confocal microscopes


   Temperature control
   Laser lines (nm)
   Main beamsplitter
   Spectral confocal channels
   Max frame resolution (pixel)
   Scan zoom
   Max line frequency (lin/s)
   Resonant scanner (lin/s)
   3D visualization
   Spectral scanning

Leica TCS SP5

   10×/0.4, 20×/0.7; 40×/1.25,
   100×/1.4, 40×/0.55 (LD)
   405, 458, 488, 514, 543, 633
   3 PMT (+BF/DIC)
   16 000

Olympus FV3000

   10×/0.3, 20×/0.5, 20×/0.45(LD),
   40×/1.3, 40×/0.6 (LD), 60×/1.42
   405, 488, 561, 640
   dichroic mirrors
   2 PMT+2 GaAsP (+BF/DIC)
   16 000

Selected Publications:

Bogolyubova I., Stein G., Bogolyubov D. FRET analysis of interactions between actin and exon-exon junction complex proteins in early mouse embryos. Cell Tissue Res. 2013. 352: 277-285.

Agafonova N. A., Sakuta G.A., Rozanov Yu. M., Shtein G.I., Kudruavtsev B.N. DNA image-fluorimetry of individual human chromosomes. Cell and Tissue Biology. 2013. 7(4): 352-361.

Myasnikova E., Surkova S., Stein G., Pisarev A., Samsonova M. Regression system for estimation of errors introduced by confocal imaging into gene expression data in situ. BMC Bioinformatics. 2011. 12: 20-331.

Bezborodkina N.N., Shtein G.I., Sivova E.V., Chestnova A.Yu., Kudryavtsev B.N. Analysis of structure of glycogen in rat hepatocytes using cytochemical and FRET methods. Cell and Tissue Biology. 2011. 5(5): 417-427.

Egorova O.V., Shtein G.I. A comparision of fluorescence-microscope illuminator systems based on LEDs and HBO mercury lamps. J.Opt.Technol. 2011. 78(1): 81-83.

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