The Group of Genome Microevolution and Cytoecology
    Head of the Group

    Yu. M. ROZANOV

    PhD, principal research associate

    Tel.: (812) 297-53-10

    The group was established in 2005 by joining of Group of evolutionary cytoecology and biomonitoring (Laboratory of cytology of protozoan organisms) with Group of fluorescent microscopy and cytometry (Laboratory of biochemical cytology and cytochemistry).

    The scientific aims of the group are peculiarities of genome size variation, mechanisms of adaptive genome size variability, "C-value enigma", significance of noncoding DNA in evolution. The group studies various groups of vertebrates: amphibians, reptiles and mammals.

Group Membership:

S.N.Litvinchuk, PhD, senior research associate
D.V.Skorinov, PhD, research associate
R.A.Pasynkova, research associate

Areas of Investigations

The analysis of intraspecific variability of the nuclear DNA content. The study of relationships between genome size differences and levels of divergence between taxa.

The study of correlation of the nuclear DNA content and various geno- and phenotypic characters, such as allozyme and microsatellite frequencies, levels of genome heterochromatization, morphological (metric) peculiarities, termoresistance of various tissues, and time of embryonic development (on the example of amphibians).

The analysis of variation of the nuclear DNA content and peculiarities of inheritance in hybridogenic complexes in amphibians.

Development and upgrading of methods and equipment for precise DNA cytometry using for determination of genome size in somatic and sexual cells.

We studied the nuclear DNA content in various groups of vertebrates. In total we studied more than 110 species of amphibians and reptiles of Russia (European, Siberian, and Far Eastern parts), Kazakhstan, Middle Asia, the Caucasus, Ukraine, Western Europe, Mediterranean countries (Turkey, Tunisia, Cyprus, Greece) and Japan. We received unique data about intraspecific variation of genome size in Bufonidae, Ranidae, Hylidae, Salamandridae, Hynobiidae, Bombinatoridae, Pelobatidae, etc. Huge number of studied samples allowed us suggests that in some groups (for example in amphibians) the nuclear DNA amount is most universal and reliable character for detection of events of early divergence in comparison with such genotypic and phenotypic features as allozyme and microsatellite frequencies, levels of genome heterochromatization, and morphometric characters.

Main Publications (1986-2007):

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