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    Prof., D.Sci.

    phone: +7 (812) 297-0328

    Laboratory was founded in 1989 by Dr. S.N. Borchsenius on the base of "Mycoplasma group", which there was in frames of Cell Culture Department of the Institute of Cytology.

    The main objects of genome research are Mycoplasmas (Mollicutes), the smallest prokaryotic organisms possessing minimal genomes.

    Scientific Staff

    Vonsky M.S. - Senior Scientist, Ph.D.
    Vishnyakov I.E. - Research Scientist, Ph.D.
    Malinin A.Yu. - Research Scientist
    Kurchakova E.V. - Senior Research Assistant

Vishnyakov I.E.

Several mycoplasmal genes playing a pivotal role in cell division were cloned and sequenced in the Laboratory. New data on cytoskeleton-like proteins were obtained for the mobile mycoplasma species and a scheme of the assumed "caterpillar" type of mycoplasma cell motility was suggested. Original data have been obtained on heat chock proteins in several mycoplasma species. New methods of sensitive detection of mycoplasmas in any biological substances were developed (rapid diagnostics of mycoplasmoses).

General biological features of the mycoplasmas, available genomic information, molecular base of mycoplasma interaction with human, animal and plant cells in nature and in culture were reviewed in a monograph "The Mycoplasmas", edited at 1989 and renewed at 2002.

The research of the Laboratory was supported by grants from Russian Foundation for Basic Research, Soros Foundation, NATO, Grants for junior researches from the SPb Government.

Currently under study are genes and proteins involved into cell division process, cell motility and mycoplasma cell response on stress conditions. The studies are carried out by methods of molecular and cell biology, including immuno-electron microscopy, electrophoresis of proteins and nucleic acids, Northern- and Southern-blotting, PCR, PT-PCR, chromatography of proteins and nucleic acids, etc.

A big part of the Laboratory research is carried out in close scientific contacts with the staff of the Group for Studying the Ultrastructure of Cell Membranes (prof. Ya. Yu. Komissarchik, Dr. E.S. Snigirevskaya) and the Laboratory of Cancer Growth Cytology (Dr. V.A. Ivanov).

Scientific collaborations have been established also with

  • Prof. V.M. Govorun, Science Research Institute of Physical-Chemical Medicine,
    Federal Agency of Public Health and Social Development, Moscow;
  • Dr V.M. Chernov, Kazan Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics, RAS, Kazan;
  • Prof. J.A. Ayala, Centro de Biologia Molecular Severo Ochoa, Madrid, Spain.

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